We, Antique Heating Elements are a leading Industrial heaters manufacturer and domestic heater element located in Rajendra Nagar Industrial Area, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh). We are engaged in offering products in a wide assortment. Products offered by us include Industrial electric heaters, Industrial heating elements, Heater element, ceramic heating elements, Nozzle heating elements, glass heating element, Water heating coils and elements for industrial uses. Our entire products are a combination of quality and durability According to process of Application.

Antique Heating Elements specializes in Industrial Heater Element and water Heating Coils. We are Prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Heating Elements, water Heating Coils and Industrial electric heaters. We manufacture variety of heaters for industrial processing to our customer needs by help in to keep their machines running smoothly and at optimum production level. Industrial heating elements are specifically designed for critical applications to provide constant temperature to the system. Antique Heating Elements have been performing with unsurpassed reliability in the Plastic Industry, food industry, Automobile Industry, engine industries etc. for over 10 years.

As the sole authorized Indian Industrial heater manufacturers and Heater Element, Antique Heating Elements remains dedicated to one product line, and we strive hard to find new ways to assist our customers at all stages of design-in and assembly of Antique Heating Elements. Included in our products list are Industrial electric heaters, Industrial heating elements, Heater element, Band Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Casted Heaters, Inline Water Heaters, Air Heaters, Air Finned Heaters, Nozzle Heaters, Nozzle Band Heaters, Furnace, and Tubular Heaters etc. We have supplied a huge variety of Electrical Heaters throughout different industries. Our main focus has remained to source out the required products as per our customer needs.

We have charted an effective growth strategy which includes rapid elaboration of our Industrial heater manufacturers, heating element manufacturers in industrial product range through our continuous research and development activities on Heater Element. We use advance technology machinery and equipment that assist us in fabricating premium range of our Industrial electric heaters.  All our Industrial heating elements are based on the latest trends, which ensure their innovativeness in the industry. The range of Industrial electric heaters / Heater Element, Water Heating Coils etc., is integrated with features like high melting strength, resistance to high heat and temperature, and corrosion as well as polishing resistance. We are providing the highest standards of quality and best available technology to Industrial heater manufacturers our wide range of industrial products. All our products are used in many industries and are highly demanded by our customers According to their Customized Requirement for Processing the Products.

We are also served in different locations in India and  abroad also. We served all types of industrial heater in all locations.

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