BTH heater

We Antique Heating Elements is an industrial heater manufacturer in Ghaziabad, served industrial heater in Noida and globally like Nepal and Bhutan. We are BTH supplementary electric heateris manufactured to fulfill the IPX4 rating and must be fitted only by the skilled electrician/Technician and engineer. BTH heaters are typically used inbathroom/household applications and boilers or in geysers. Rendering to I.E.E wiring regulations, the Electric heater must be earthed and connected to a cable passage in the bathroom for betterment and safety. This cable outlet must not be buried into walls and easy to manageableas it needs maintenance from period to period. Always remember to turn the element off before tiring down a central heating system as if you don’t turn off the heater and the system is vacant, the heater will burn and blow its non-repairable fuse and also use electricity very much.It is suggested to connect a return valve and return valve must be open whenever the supplement heaters are in use and radiator heats up, the volume of BTH heaters enlarge by 6%.Always set a timer ON or OFF while using the central heating system and BTH heater concurrently.Never use the central heating system and BTH heaters simultaneously. If you do so, it will impact the working life of the supplementary heater. It can be used for an industrial persistence such as oil and gas industry, chemical industry, paper industry, food industry, automobile industry, FMCG industry, textile industry, foundries etc.

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  • Water heating pipe.
  • Pipe diameters are 6.6mm, 8.0mm and 10.0mm if a special diameter, the need for alternative.
  • The surface load of the heating pipe is 9.8W/cm2
  • Voltage & Power: 110V-240V, 200W-20000W


  • Air heating
  • Hotplates & Food processing machines
  • Ovens & Dryers
  • Air Ducts
  • Plastic Processing Machineries
  • Engineering Industry
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Shoe Making Machineries
  • Foundry Equipment’s
  • Radiant Surface Heating
  • Hot Runner Mold Systems

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity: 6 Pieces
Power (Watts): As per recommendation for the Process
Voltage: As per recommendation for the Process
Size: As per recommendation for the Process
Port of Dispatch: Ghaziabad