Casted Heater

An antique Heating element is a largest manufacturer of cast aluminum heaters. The cast in aluminum heaters entails of the heating Element which is  cast in elements ,which are implanted into single or multiple brass heaters, aluminum heaters,  alloy, copper-nickel, iron-type material. Cast in heaters can be prepared with the sheath to confirm heating of compelled gas and cooling by flowing water. Electric heater is used for heating element, as well to maintain the shape of product. A line of the cast in aluminum and bronze alloys heater is produced to meet the prerequisite of semiconductor processing industry. Black platen heaters, bake/chill pedestal heaters,Goose neck Heaters, platen heaters, cast in hot chunk heaters, high-temperature platen heater and standard pedestal heaters. Casted heaters mainly supplied in following areas in Faridabad Industrial heater manufacturer in Faridabad, Pencil heater manufacturer in Faridabad, Porcelain heater manufacturer in Faridabad, Heaters manufacturer in Faridabad, Industrial heater Supplier in Faridabad, Pencil heater Supplier in Faridabad, Porcelain heater Supplier in Faridabad, Heaters Supplier in Faridabad, High density pencil heater manufacturer in Faridabad, high density pencil heater supplier in Faridabad, electric heater manufacturer in Faridabad, electric heater supplier in Faridabad.

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  • Liquid cooled or air cooled specification.
  • Cast in material: Aluminum, Bronze or Iron.
  • Largest possible diameter with maximum length steel sheath tubular heater to maintain good heater life.
  • High operating temperatures
  • Resistant to damage
  • Precise and accurate control
  • For Pressure Die casting Machine


  • Heating process of dies and
  • Heating nozzle
  • Food Industry/ Restaurant
  • Paper manufacturing industry
  • Painting Industry/ Ovens
  • Fiber industry
  • Glass and ceramics industry
  • Forging Industry

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity: 6 Pieces
Power (Watts): As per recommendation for the Process
Voltage: As per recommendation for the Process
Size: As per recommendation for the Process
Port of Dispatch: