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Is Your Food Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Extra Precaution You Should Take for Food Safety

  • JULY 10, 2020
  • Namrata Singh
  • BLOG

Everyday life has become more complicated due to the pandemic. In this situation, one of the biggest challenges is to get food. A task as simple as ordering food has become somewhat risky as people are left wondering if it is safe or not.

People have become extra conscious about the personal hygiene to ward off the virus. Ordering food delivery would involve several strangers, right from the preparation of the food to its delivery to your house.

However, the good news is, that there is currently no evidence for the spread of the virus through food, but cold food can still be a bit risky.

But it does not mean that you do not need to take precautions while ordering food online. There are always risks during this pandemic situation. Ordering food could lead to your interaction with people who visit many restaurants and homes daily.

But there are a few ways to reduce the risks. Here are some effective safety tips you must follow if you order food online-

You should order from hygienic trusted eateries –

This is not the ideal time to experiment. Do not order from a place that has poor reviewscasting serious aspersions on the standard of their food. It may result in you being sick. Trusted big restaurants have a set of guidelines on their website, showing the measures they have taken to ensure the food’s hygiene during the current pandemic situation.

You should select the no-contact delivery option -

As we all know, we have to maintain social distancing and avoid meeting the food delivery person. Many restaurants and food delivery chains have launched the system to limit contact between courier person and customers.
You can ask the food courier person to drop off your food at your doorstep. It is advisable to hang a carry bag outside the main door of your house to leave the food in it, so that you can avoid meeting the delivery person.
You should choose any of the digital payment methods for contactless deliveries, if you want to tip the delivery person, it can also be worked out over the phone.

You should take the full-packed food-

While currently there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted through food by itself, you have to make sure your food is well packed by food packing machine.

Proper sealed food by sealing machine can reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. If any food chain looking for sealing machine manufacturer in India, Antique Heating Element is there to help you provide top quality and durable sealing machine at best prices. We have a wide range of sealing machine such as a bowl sealing machine, Thali sealing machine, container sealing machine, glass sealing machine, and cup sealing machine. If anybody is looking for combos of sealing machine, we also have a combo of various sealing machines.

Antique heating Elements are also providing the sealing machine with no contact delivery in this pandemic.

You should take the full-packed food-

You should always wash your hands before you take food, and washing them for at least 20 Sec. You should sanitize your hand frequently if the hand wash option is not available.

If you are going to any public place, please avoid using the common hand sanitizer. Antique Heating elements are also manufacturer of hand sanitizer stand. This stand maintains the hygiene and can be operated by foot to dispense the sanitizer.

You should Heat the food for 2 minutes -

According to research, coronavirus is very sensitive to cooking and heat used to cook the food would be enough to kill the virus. So it’s a good idea to play safe and heat the food again in a microwave or in a pan.

If you follow a few safety measures you can enjoy your food without any worry.

Antique Heating Elements, which is a leading manufacturer of sealing machines in India, is here to help restaurants by providing the bowl sealing machine, container sealing machine, tray sealing machine, cup sealing machine and glass sealing machine.

We are also providing hand sanitizer stands for restaurants or food chains. So they can follow the food safety standards for customers.


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