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Antique Heating elements is one of the manufacturers of non-tolerated casted heaters like brass casted heater, cast nozzle heater, goose neck heater, aluminum casted heater, cooling tube casted heater, casted plate heater and many more. Basically, casted majorly used in the nozzle of die casting machine of different sizes are used in molding machines also used in the food industry, fiber industry, paper industry, in the heating process of dying and nozzles, etc.Casted Heaters are also used in sealing machine which is used to pack or seal the food items with the help of meal tray sealing, container sealing, cup sealing, bowl sealing and glass sealing machines. Antique Heating Elements used trouble free technology in the manufacturing process of industrialcasted heaters like we used stainless steel tube element after that we process that element for best class forging.

Mica Heater

Our casted heaters are designed for high operating temperature zone with air cooling tube option. Here some special casted comes with a cooling tubes it helps in control on heating of the rubber processing extruder machine and it also maintain the uniformity of temperature whenever power fluctuate on different volts and phases. Our electric heater is manufactured from brass, iron and aluminum. For the protection of the outersurface of casted heater, we always recommend to use the connection and heater protection jacket for enhancing the life cycle and productivity of casted heater so that if there is any leakage in the extrusion will not affect the life cycle of casted heater. The protection sheet also helps in low electricity consumption because it will change casted electric heater into a quick heat transfer device. If we are talking about its high temperature accuracy that will be +- 5 degree maximum. Wattage range of our casted heater starts from 100 watt to 20000 watts with different volts and phases.

As we know as best quality casted heater supplier and exporters in India and globally. We offer our casted heaters with high quality and efficient method of heating. We can customize our casted heater in any design and shape with different watt, volt and phase, according to our respective client requirement for their Heating process.

In the competitive market, Antique Heating Elements is the significant manufacturer of the industrial heaters and heating elements for all types of electric heaters since last 10 years with excellence performing awards. Antique Heating Elements is also supplier or exporter of Glass heater, Mica heater, porcelain heater, finned heater, BTH heater, furnace heater, pencil heater, high density pencil heater, low density pencil heater, tubular heater, ceramic heater, space heater.

Specifications :

  • Process of Applications Have uniform temperature by casted Heaters.
  • Maximum temperature for Casted Heater is 100°C to 400°C.
  • High grade nickel chromium resistance wire.
  • Magnesium oxide inside core of tube
  • Stainless steel Casing/Brass Casting.
  • Stranded Connection leads /Customized Connection lead

Applications :

  • Heating Process of Dies
  • Heating of Platens
  • Heating of Hot stamping Process
  • Packaging Machines
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Extrusion Machines
  • Zink industry
  • Automobile industry

Product Details :

Casted Heater
Minimum Order Quantity : 6 Pieces
Power (Watts) : As per recommendation for the Process
Voltage : As per recommendation for the Process
Size : As per recommendation for the Process
Port of Dispatch : Ghaziabad