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Thali Sealing Machine Manufacturers

Thali Sealing Machine ( 8 Khand Cigla )

Antique Heating Element is a leading brand of Thali Sealing Machine Manufacturers. We are the main working brand who are manufacturing the sealing machines for various disposable plates with different patterns of partitions.

We are able to design the machines with the capability of various types of sealing parameters and dimensions. We are using the cost effective advanced technology to manufacturer the best machineries in the market

Thali Sealing Machine Suppliers in India

Thali Sealing Machine ( 5 Khand Cigla )

We are manufacturing the superior quality of Thali Sealing Machine with the client’s particular dimensions. It becomes easy and quick to serve the food in a complete Thali but to make it a carry away process it is needed to be sealed properly so that the material contained inside do not get mixes up and thus the food can be taken to the place with more cleanliness.

We are making the machines which seals the plate with all the divided partitions to make the food assembles properly in its particular columns.

Thali Sealing Machine Manufacturers in India

Thali Sealing Machine ( 8x5 Khand Payra )

We are manufacturing the high quality of Thali Sealing Machine. We are manufacturing these Thali Sealing Machine with the more precise seal lips. These are also made upon the customer’s particular demand. We are offering them within a nominal range.

We are designing these machines in variant sizes and shapes as per customer need. we are one of the leading Thali Sealing Machine Suppliers in India. These Machine sealed 8x5 block thali at a time.